A Musical Mecca

Sunlight streams through the windows at The Music Box and casts a warm glow upon several rows of vintage guitars and amplifiers. Ukuleles line the rafters and shiny banjos and beautifully restored violins decorate an antique fireplace. The full-service music shop specializes in instrument repair and has developed a loyal following of music lovers, many from Plymouth and some from much further afield.

Owner Hollis Greene recently moved the shop across town to a new storefront, which just so happens to be located next to The Spire Center For Performing Arts, a hip performance venue that is a Music Box 1centerpiece of the local music scene. Musicians bring their gear in to be serviced by the shop’s resident luthier, Aaron Belyea, who fixes just about anything you can think of, from guitars and violins to saxophones, trumpets and even harps. No repair is too big or small, whether a client needs an instrument restrung or totally rebuilt. The business caters to everyone from nationally touring artists to first timers. Greene has also become known in town for his efforts to foster a love of music in the community—sponsoring local performances, donating instruments by leaving them on street corners and otherwise creating a welcoming environment for musicians of all abilities. It’s all for the love of music. 27 Court St., Plymouth, 857-209-1275

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